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Vacuum Cleaner Certification MarkTesting for asthma & allergy friendly™ Certification subjects vacuum cleaners to allergen and particle count-based performance testing to ensure that the vacuum cleaner reduces the total allergen burden, while minimizing any increase in airborne allergen levels.

The Vacuum Cleaner Certification Standard testing includes:

  • Evaluation of capability to remove allergen-containing test dust from carpets
  • Evaluation of airborne allergen levels during vacuuming
  • Evaluation of the integrity of the air filtration system
  • Assessment of the performance of the vacuum cleaner immediately prior to activation of bag replacement / receptacle emptying signal and filter change signal
  • Assessment of exposure to allergens during bag change or receptacle emptying

While many vacuums incorporate media based filtration, e.g. HEPA or other solid filter materials, there are also those that use water as a capture medium.

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