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What is the Value of My Product Being Certified asthma & allergy friendly®?

As a program member, you will have the right to use the Certification Mark on your product, packaging, collateral, advertising, marketing, and more.  Along with the Certification Mark, you will be legally entitled to use the phrase asthma & allergy friendly™ in association with your product as well as the brand of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), the leading national nonprofit organization fighting asthma and allergic diseases.  Additionally:

  • The association with AAFA brings the benefit of Corporate Social Responsibility and aligns your company with the cause of helping to fight asthma and allergies—a condition that effects over 60 million Americans and impacts 50% of U.S. households.
  • AAFA and the Certification Program will also enhance your marketing activities by informing, educating, and empowering asthma and allergy interested consumers, retailers, and opinion leaders—real value in a time when marketing budgets are strained.
  • You will have access to a wealth of exclusive information that will help you maximize the value proposition of your product and company and increase customer loyalty.
  • Working synergistically with AAFA and retailers is a powerful collaboration to integrate promotional strategies, build a relationship with your customers, and achieve mutual goals.

Advantages of  Being  Certified asthma  & allergy friendly®

When your product is approved as asthma and allergy friendly, your brand will officially become part of a collaborative program designed to help you maximize product value and increase customer loyalty. This association with AAFA  will not only bring the benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility – but it will also put your company front and center in the cause for  helping to fight asthma and allergies.

Certification partners also enjoy these added benefits:

  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Launch press release (Example)
  • Inclusion in "BReATHE" AAFA’s e-newsletter announcing your company’s involvement in the progam (30,000+ subscribers)
  • Inclusion in "freshAAIR", AAFA's print newsletter (75,000+ subscribers)
  • Increased product visibility with your product listed on our iOS & Android Certification App and Certification website
  • Invitations to partner and attend various industry-specific events (example AAAAI, ACAAI)
  • Invitation to attend bi-annual Client Council strategy meetings with other partners
  • Visibility on all social media platforms by Program, ASL and AAFA (150,000+ followers)
  • Youtube channel
  • Take part in regular "Sweepstakes" giveaways of certified products
  • Collaboration and cross promotion with other certified companies
  • Assistance with Retailer engagement, content & education
  • "Berts Blog" - regular program updates, product launches and education
  • Access to marketing and medical leaders with domain expertise
  • Option for participation in the various federal research programs
  • Continious involvement community PR outreach such as "Strides for Safe Kids"
  • Mentions by program team at industry events and trade shows, such as "Living Future unConference", "TexWorld" & "Cleaning Products Industry Conference"
  • Introductions to cSuite executives involved with the Certification Program

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