The asthma & allergy friendly™ Certification Program’s Impact: Part 2

This is a five-part blog series about the asthma & allergy friendlyCertification Program’s impact.

7.2.15 Berts Impact Part 2 Image Health Mavens for ConsumersThe first post of this five-part series about the asthma & allergy friendly™ Certification Program’s impact talked about why the program was created.  In this post, I want to talk about a special group of people that you just might be a part of.

From the last post, we know that asthma and allergies affect 1 out of 5—or 60 million–Americans.  That includes children and adults.  But did you know these diseases are the 3rd most common chronic disease among children under 18?  These children need help from their moms, dads, caregivers, teachers, and doctors to manage their asthma and allergies.

That’s where “Health Mavens” come in.

“Health Mavens” have at least one family member in their household who is affected by asthma or allergies.  Almost 50% of “Health Mavens” are concerned about their home’s indoor air quality as a result of their family’s sensitivities.  Not only are they concerned, but they do something about it.

Almost 80% of “Health Mavens” put at least a moderate effort into improving their home’s indoor air quality.  So what do “Health Mavens” do to improve their homes’ indoor air quality?  Stay tuned for the next post in this five-part series.

Are you a “Health Maven?”  Tell us in the comments below what you do to improve your home’s indoor air quality.  

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