Asthma, Allergies Affect Day-to-Day Life, But Can You Guess What Else?

4.14.16 Cost of Asthma Image Flying MoneyThose with asthma and allergies know just how difficult their day-to-lives can be when pollen elevates, ragweed skyrockets and dust accumulates.  But what you may not realize is the economic burden these conditions have on the Unites States as well. Sorry to take you back to economics class!

Over 60 million people in the United States (that’s over 50% of households) are affected by asthma and allergies. And there are clear economic impacts that come with them. Some costs of asthma and allergies include medical bills, skin tests for allergies, epinephrine injectors, and inhalers.

But the costs don’t stop there. Asthma and allergies play a big role in the costs of missing school or work days. In 2010, Americans with nasal swelling spent $17.5 billion on health costs.  They also lost more than 6 million work and school days and made 16 million trips to the doctor.

There are also the costs of non-medical products.  Americans spend an estimated $10 billion a year on non-medicinal, consumer products marketed for people with asthma and allergies. These products are vacuum cleaners, air cleaners, bedding, toys, flooring, and more. Often these products advertise a wide variety of features and benefits including suitability for those with asthma and allergies, the ability to prevent allergen accumulation, and in some extreme cases, promising improved health for consumers.

Yet the manufacturers never provide scientific proof or validation for such claims and "currently there is little or no regulation governing claims".* This causes a lot of confusion for families trying to find the right products and can often mislead them.

Looking for the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Mark can help you and your family find suitable household cleaning products and services for your home. Products with the Certification Mark have been scientifically tested and proven to reduce asthma and allergy triggers from your home.

*Source: Report of the Third International Workshop. JACI vol. 100: no.6, part 1

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